Have your say on city’s future

Bristol City Council is looking for feedback on the proposed strategies for the long-term regeneration of the city centre.

The draft City Centre Development and Delivery Plan (the Plan) sets out a vision for the future of the city centre and high-level principles to guide regeneration.

 It also identifies key changes required in the coming years to the city centre streets and spaces and the way land is used for development.

With a focus on the Broadmead and Castle Park areas, the Plan sets out key changes that will help transform them into more inclusive, sustainable and connected places and create a green, safe and vibrant city centre.

Overall, the Plan will help ensure future investment, development and regeneration is co-ordinated.

In an introduction to the Plan, Mayor of Bristol Marvin Rees says: “The redevelopment of our city must provide decent jobs and varied retail and contribute to tackling the challenge of Bristol’s housing crisis, all against a background of climate and ecological emergency.” 

Visit www.bristol.gov.uk/ddp to read more about the Plan and to take part in the consultation visit the Ask Bristol website.