‘Act now on bins failures’

MAYOR Marvin Rees is preparing to grill Bristol Waste bosses over missed bin collections in Redland and other parts of the city.

Councillors have reported concerns and Mr Rees has asked to be given all the information before he tackles the bosses of Bristol Waste about how they intend to resolve the problems.

Bristol Waste, a company owned by the council, recently changed collection days for some homes. According to the mayor, after a “period of adjustment” the new routes and days will settle down.

At a member forum meeting on January 9, Mr Rees said: “There will be a period of adjustment when there’s a rebalancing and a rerouting happening. It’s the first time it’s been done since 2011/12. I’m sure Bristol Waste will make the appropriate adjustments.

“I spoke to the head of Bristol Waste and told him councillors were raising concerns.  I asked him if he would meet councillors from across the city to hear first-hand what is happening.

He asked councillors to email issues in advance of the meeting.

Conservative Cllr John Goulandris, representing Stoke Bishop, said: “Along with other parts of Bristol, the collection of recycling has been repeatedly late in areas of my ward with Thursday collections not taking place until Saturday afternoon.

“Most of my residents are patient and leave the recycling out. However, it does look messy and after a couple of days delay some residents take the recycling back and place it in their black bin.”

Green Cllr Martin Fodor, representing Redland, added: “Whole streets are sometimes missed — week after week or several weeks running — for reasons that the council itself should address. The council isn’t delivering what it promises and our contractor can’t do their job. Vehicles aren’t able to access the road due to chaotic parking.”

By Alex Seabrook, Local Democracy Reporting Service