End of an era for Poco

THE acclaimed Stokes Croft restaurant Poco is to close this year.

The team behind the award-winning set-up, which opened in 2011, are  Jen Best, Ben Pryor and Tom Hunt.  In a statement published on Instagram, they said: “We have big news to share with you. After 12 very special years sharing our hospitality with the folk of Bristol, we’ll be closing Poco later this spring. With both operational directors having young families and Jen moving to Devon, the time feels right to turn the page on a new chapter in our lives. We’ll continue to trade as we search for the right buyer for our lease, with the end of spring as a working horizon.

“The heart of Poco has been our community and we want to thank you all for the support you’ve given us over the past 12 years. You’d be hard pressed to find a more creative, talented and inspiring neighbourhood on the planet and opening our doors each morning to you all has been a joy and a privilege beyond words. Thank you.

“Our team has always been a family affair, with respect and care at the heart of it, which has meant lifelong friendships forged and (however fluffy it might sound) an energy of love which has been palpable for all who have visited over the years.

“Over 270 people have worked with us since we opened and we want to thank each of you from the bottom of our hearts for the passion and graft you’ve brought.

“Do follow the three of us to see how our next chapters shape up – the adventures of @jenbestyoga setting up home and burying her hands in the soil on a farm in Devon, @cheftomhunt’s continued sustainable food evangelism, @benjaminpryor will be developing his photography practice, taking pictures of nice plates and wild places. We look forward to seeing lots of your faces one last time so please do book a table and come join us!”