The power of kindness

Pupils in Years 3 and 4 at Redmaids’ High Junior School took part in a week of activities dedicated to kindness and compassion. 

During lessons such as art, music, drama and dance, the girls were creative and reflective in thinking about how acts of kindness can have a big impact. Paying attention to their own actions and those of others, they recorded their kind deeds each day and then wrote them in a kindness diary. 

In art, the girls looked at the image of The Khamsa and the Five Pillars of Islam. They looked at Islamic patterns, geometry and symbols and learned that the third pillar of Islam is Zakat; charity and giving to those in need. The girls created their own Khamsa paintings with symbols and decorative patterns. 

The girls enjoyed learning about how music is used in worship to show kindness in different world religions. They learned hymns linked to The Good Samaritan, a Jewish prayer song and composed their own kindness chants inspired by Buddhism. 

The girls took part in a dance workshop led by Avtar’s Indian Culture & Dance, who taught the girls about the importance of community and serving others in Hinduism and Sikhism through traditional dance. 

Finally, they were visited by a therapy dog called Roydon from the national charity Pets As Therapy (PAT). The girls met him in small groups and enjoyed his calming presence while they read him stories.