Students lead school’s World Hijab Day event

Fairfield High School marked the annual World Hijab Day, where the school community were invited to wear a scarf around their necks in solidarity with women who wear hijabs across the globe. This year was special because it was student led. The young people created a powerful assembly to promote religious tolerance and eliminate discrimination. 

Cardiologist Dr Sana Maqsood visited the school to share her education and career journey as a Muslim female professional. 

The day ended with a self-defence class for the school’s Muslim girls. 

Anilla Khan, Assistant Director of Science at FHS, said: “Thank you to all our students and staff who made this event so magnificent and memorable by allowing students to dress them in hijab.  

“These young insightful minds will never fail to touch my heart.”

Staff show their solidarity, including Amanda Bridgewater, Principal,  (fourth from left in back row)