Labour take PCC role

Labour’s Clare Moody is the new Avon and Somerset Police and Crime Commissioner.

She narrowly defeated the Conservative Mark Shelford, who has held the role for the last three years.

Just over 300,000 people across Somerset, Bristol, and South Gloucestershire voted in the election for the person to set the direction of the local police force and hold them to account. There were less than 5,000 votes between the two frontrunners.Ms Moody received 95,982, while Mr Shelford — who was ahead in every council area except for Bristol — received 91,006. Katy Grant (Green) received 64,623 votes and Benet Allen (Liberal Democrat) received 45,864.

Turnout in the election was 23.09% — a drop from 30.72% in 2021 when the election was held concurrently with the West of England Metro Mayor election.