Pretend Friends – more than just a band …

A group of parents at Bishop Road School who formed a fast folk band 18 months ago have recorded two EPs – Golden Lion and Bishopston Cowboy.

The band was formed in the Golden Lion when Ollie Edwards, Simon Bannister and Simon Muriel took part in an open mic session at the pub. They were later joined by Pete Johnson, Robin Gladman and Ryan Brooks.

They have named the band Pretend Friends but say: “Our name is ironic as through our music we have become great friends, we have a tight bond that goes beyond playing together and we can’t believe our luck that we have found each other

“Pretend Friends is more than a band; we’re a community: a bunch of actual mates with an infectious camaraderie on a musical journey and we can’t wait to make new friends along the way.”

The band have gigged at the Lion, The Ardagh, Gallimaufry, and the Grain Barge. Upcoming gigs are at the Tobacco Factory on July 21, ss Great Britain on July 25 and Gloucester Old Spot on September 28.

Their aim is to play at Glastonbury one day. In the meantime they are putting the finishing touches to six more songs so they can record an album. You can listen to their sound by asking your smart speaker to Play Bishopston Cowboy. Find out more at: